Hello, it’s me!

img_2933Hi Friends! This is me standing in the middle of a small river in mid Autumn. I’m standing on stepping stone, of course – a great place to think about change.

Today I decided to defocus this blog from a poetry blog to something much more expansive. Mostly because I have a lot of untrained thoughts galloping around my brain that need to be lassoed and corralled. Better to keep them here safe and sound after some taming and affection than to let them loose in a Facebook post, bucking wild, and vulnerable to the lasso of any cowboy who just happens to stride by.  I have a feeling that very few people will just happen to stride by here.

Another reason for branching out with my content is-  I am not writing much poetry these days. I am desperately trying to finish a novel and writing poetry just gives me an extra reason to procrastinate. It also distracts me from other obligations. I tend to obsess over poems. I will probably still share poetry  from time to time, just not regularly.


Also, I love to cook. Lately, I have been cooking healthy vegan food. At this point, I do not claim to be a vegan, but I do cook 100% vegan food 99% of the time. I have been doing this for maybe 6 months or so and I am learning so much. I think of vegan food as another kind of cuisine, not a kind of diet. I have gotten into the habit of posting my food pics on Instagram and several people have requested recipes, so I thought this blog would be a good place to post them, much  better than posting them as an Instagram response.

As I mentioned above, I am not fully a vegan, but I am working on it. I am simply not going to throw away all my leather before it wears out. Who does that? So if you see me walking down the street in cowboy boots and wearing a leather cross body bag, you will know why. Also, I am not that concerned with personal branding. I am someone who tends to cook and eat vegan foods, but I am not a vegan. Also, I do eat the occasional fish and will be roasting a free-range Turkey this year for Thanksgiving; otherwise, my family would never forgive me. I already step all over tradition enough.  It has never been my intention to impose my ways on other people; although, they might think that is. I truly just want to share the good news. I’m not 100% healthy either. I do drink wine  excessively everyday and love my morning cups of coffee.


Well, you might figure that out after a while.



In addition to food blogging, I will continue to blog about writerly stuff, as well as the following: my natural silver hair and the grow-out process, DYI skincare and grooming products, natural product reviews, silver hair product reviews, the novel writing process, introversion, books, art, wine, absurdism, nature, dogs, happiness, middle age, love, and womanity.

Basically, anything that blows my mind and anything that keeps it sane.

So stay tuned!