Lilian-Lee by the Sea

This is a poem I am working on, which was written by a character of the epistolary novel I am working on. The character is an American teenager named Julian and it’s 1938. The poem is based on an experience he had a 6 years prior to writing it, however, it also serves as a prophetic fractal of his relationship with Devan Lee whom he meets again later. The story begins in the Spanish Civil War and ends in the Korean war. I think of it as Hemingway-but-rather-be-Nabakov fan fiction told from both female and male perspectives.

Once was a girl
called Lilian-Lee
who waited for a mother
down by the sea

with eyes of grey fire
that storm-lit the night.
Yet, she was no more
than three stones of light

Her hair was slick,
like oil black,
like a river snaking
through a featureless tract.

and she barely noticed
the thunder, or me
as she kept silent vigil
for a mother lost at sea.

I met her once
when it was hours too late
and all hope was tossed
to a heedless fate.

Yet, she never did cry,
only tossed as she slept
and by the morning do,
It was I, who had wept.