The Fake News Song

There’s a hurricane for everyone
-a global warming inside all of us-

Our king is a big box
of cold domestic beer
Our nation,
a country of cock dust

& I’m not even sure why I fear
the means & methods of the cure
when it’s all just the same otherwise
We just have to live and let lie

There’s a wall to be paid for by Mexicans
-A Great white picket fence for America-

& I’m not even sure why I care
the cure will become our next fear
& It’s all just the same otherwise
we just have to live and let lie

From the shores of the rust belt I watch
angry-men toss’d about on the docks
as the bitumen rivers rise
uplifting their bodies to sky

& I’m not even sure why I care
the cure will become our next fear
& It’s all just the same otherwise
we just have to live as we die

TX. 12/19/16

In the graveyard
of little Ms. Carries

A trillion tiny mounds
of life-soaked tampons
buried in meticulous rows
of legislated regret

just another cemetery,
but this one belonging to
life’s potential deaths
mourned not by moms

but by nationalists
who pray upon
the helpless unliving

only because they can



Hello, it’s me!

img_2933Hi Friends! This is me standing in the middle of a small river in mid Autumn. I’m standing on stepping stone, of course – a great place to think about change.

Today I decided to defocus this blog from a poetry blog to something much more expansive. Mostly because I have a lot of untrained thoughts galloping around my brain that need to be lassoed and corralled. Better to keep them here safe and sound after some taming and affection than to let them loose in a Facebook post, bucking wild, and vulnerable to the lasso of any cowboy who just happens to stride by.  I have a feeling that very few people will just happen to stride by here.

Another reason for branching out with my content is-  I am not writing much poetry these days. I am desperately trying to finish a novel and writing poetry just gives me an extra reason to procrastinate. It also distracts me from other obligations. I tend to obsess over poems. I will probably still share poetry  from time to time, just not regularly.


Also, I love to cook. Lately, I have been cooking healthy vegan food. At this point, I do not claim to be a vegan, but I do cook 100% vegan food 99% of the time. I have been doing this for maybe 6 months or so and I am learning so much. I think of vegan food as another kind of cuisine, not a kind of diet. I have gotten into the habit of posting my food pics on Instagram and several people have requested recipes, so I thought this blog would be a good place to post them, much  better than posting them as an Instagram response.

As I mentioned above, I am not fully a vegan, but I am working on it. I am simply not going to throw away all my leather before it wears out. Who does that? So if you see me walking down the street in cowboy boots and wearing a leather cross body bag, you will know why. Also, I am not that concerned with personal branding. I am someone who tends to cook and eat vegan foods, but I am not a vegan. Also, I do eat the occasional fish and will be roasting a free-range Turkey this year for Thanksgiving; otherwise, my family would never forgive me. I already step all over tradition enough.  It has never been my intention to impose my ways on other people; although, they might think that is. I truly just want to share the good news. I’m not 100% healthy either. I do drink wine  excessively everyday and love my morning cups of coffee.


Well, you might figure that out after a while.



In addition to food blogging, I will continue to blog about writerly stuff, as well as the following: my natural silver hair and the grow-out process, DYI skincare and grooming products, natural product reviews, silver hair product reviews, the novel writing process, introversion, books, art, wine, absurdism, nature, dogs, happiness, middle age, love, and womanity.

Basically, anything that blows my mind and anything that keeps it sane.

So stay tuned!



Anathema can stalk
anyone, anywhere
like rhetoric, or marketing

it will find them

and use them

like a paycheck


For three days and nights
it’s been raining humans:

humans falling from heaven,
humans drowning in their own
human-made puddles,
humans choking
on unshared wishbones.

(Humans with frightened, bulged
out eyes, silently screaming
sclerosis, sclerosis)

Anathema catches these humans
by the tongue, one by one,
as they fall like tears from heaven.

Anathema spits these humans into a bag
– a messenger bag made of Chinese linen,
so, the humans can breathe in this hot fall weather –
throws the bag upon a broad shoulder
and walks across the bridge to Anathema’s tower
where Anathema takes each of them out,
one by one, holds each
in the palm of Anathema’s hand
and studies their movable limbs;
very doll like, very simple.

Anathema lingers in the moment because
Daddy never let Anathema play with dolls.
(Daddy never let Anathema play with dolls.)
(Daddy never let Anathema play with dolls.) but
daddy’s gone now,

Anathema can play with them all.

Anathema gets a magnifying glass
out of a detective kit purchased from Boys R Us
and thinks about taking the dolls to the rooftop,
you know, the old victim under the magnifying glass trick?
That was always fun to do on hot days like this

But then something happens
when Anathema hovers the glass over them,
and notices their great big eyes of fear:

(Humans with frightened, bulged
out eyes, silently screaming
sclerosis, sclerosis)

and notices the bloodshot complexity
of their eyes
and how the vascular pathways
spread throughout the whites
like a network of routes
on a human map
and Anathema begins to believe

that Anathema has found the map
to his hidden treasure

The Burning Boy

Featured Image -- 469

The burning boy
knows no time
like the present

and so
he stands before his crowd
arms raised like Mussolini

or like an orphan
for something he cannot see

A boy with misguided innocence
(Or is that ignorance?)
protected by a Great Wall
of sufferance

A petulant sick prince
sort of boy
with great hubris
of gasoline soaked straw
packed in gilded chicken wire

a master boy
of blame
arrogance and whatever
else he can add
to the American

and so
he stands before his crowd
arms raised like Mussolini

Appropriating hope
and dreams of the indignant
far too many

promising to be their
Great White Houdini

who will project
their unified voice
of treason

But everybody knows
these wicker boy types
are false kindergods
and full of hyper-hype
intended to be knocked or
burned down

and so
he stands before his crowd
arms raised like Mussolini

as citizens lift their torches

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