I am proud and excited to have my poem, Miracle of Life (pasted below), included in the last edition of Words on Fire along with the fine work of several of my writerly friends. Please check it out!

Miracle of Life

If it weren’t for the might of time
and its imperative to nudge us toward the night,
we would never make it through the day,
but stay there forever staring at things,
maybe a sink full of dishes,
or an unopened can of tomato sauce-
and obsess about how impossible it’s going to be
to cook dinner before the children starve
and clean up the mess before it festers.
It seems everything we do to create, or maintain,
leads to some kind of destruction – at least – twice as great,
making us Sysiphi trying to build a life when life keeps falling away.
But, life doesn’t really fall away that way.
even though the impossibility of our daily tasks
would lead us toward such a conclusion.
Ultimately, we do get things done at a hare’s pace
and somehow manage to keep Zeno’s paradox
swept beneath the Oriental carpet.
And, for that, we can thank the infinity of stars
and their irreducible light
for proving that it is only possible to be impossible, and
completely impossible to be perfectly right.

Words on Fire ™

Words On Fire
…Imagineers of Pyrotechnic Poetics
Volume 2 Edition 3
( for March 15 – April 25, 2015)
We Didn't Start the Fire


  • Elusive Me
  • Mickey Draca
  • Late Night Mike
  • Michael French
  • David Kernohan
  • Moon Sonata
  • K. Leigh Thoma
  • Denise Baxter Yoder
  • Vicki Bashor
  • S.L. Weisend
  • Splaetos
  • José Coelho
  • Kristy Rulebreaker
  • Robert Horton
  • Rosa Bizzintino
  • Priya Patel
  • Frank Ramon
  • Weak Perfection
  • Fergus Martin
  • Obadiah Grey
  • Kelly Gunter
  • Michele Johnsen
  • Michael Veloff
  • Portia Burton
  • Birdie Rae Lee
  • and moderator, Rick Andrew
Nothing in His Sunshine by Elusive Me

With ease
He slips through the layers
Melting away the walls in places
Slipping between sub spaces
Like silken fingers, he traces
My pulse races
His fingers moving me on strings
My heart sings
Sliding me into his world
Pulling me gently
Damn he is like sunshine on a stick
Enticing, slick
Enchanting me quick
Melting with lyrical heat
Acoustic caresses to…

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